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NFL Week 8 Recap-The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

 As week 8 has now come to a close we can look back at possibly one of the best weeks so far this season. A week with numerous down-to-the-wire games, blowouts and great story lines is what really makes this week a very special one. Week 8 saw a heroic final minute drive to a victory (Lions over Cowboys), a quarterback breaking an NFL record in rushing (Terelle Pryor longest run by QB in NFL history), numerous exceptional performances by quarterbacks (three QB's threw for four touchdowns or more), and one team remain atop the NFL with an undefeated record at the mid way point (Chiefs move to 8-0 after win vs. Browns).

All in all it was another great week of football and one we will definitely remember as one of the best weeks in the 2013 season.
You know how we do our weekly NFL recap here on TSS!
First lets get right into our week 8 awards, then take a look at the scores and top performers. We will also look into the injury report for the week and what big injuries occurred throughout the games. Make sure before you read furthermore to check out my NFL week 8 review video on YouTube! I do this every single week so make sure to subscribe to my channel and check back here on TSS to watch and read my recap that I am 100% committed to doing every week of the 2013 season.

Week 8 Awards

MVP- Calvin Johnson
How could Megatron not be deserving of the week 8 MVP honors? There is no answer to that question because Johnson wins MVP by default after his unforgettable performance against the Dallas Cowboys. He raked in 329 receiving yards which was the second most yards in a game in NFL history. To go along with the great yard total Johnson also had 14 receptions and 2 touchdowns. He was the key factor and the main reason why the Lions were able to end up defeating the Cowboys. What an exceptional game and an unbelievable comeback by Stafford, Johnson, and the entire Lions squad. Crazy stat- Megatron had more receiving yards than 15 teams had TOTAL yards of offense in week 8.

Sleeper- Andre Ellington
Andre Ellington is a guy you probably don't hear too much about right? That might be a fact but take notice of him after his solid performance against the Atlanta Falcons in week 8. Ellington was only owned by about 19% of fantasy teams in ESPN before week 8, and if your one of those fantasy owners who is lacking a running back on your bench, then make sure to pick up Ellington. He is not starter worthy, but he may be able to get you several points in some weeks. The rookie ran for 154 yards on 15 carries and had 1 touchdown against the Falcons. An exceptional performance for a sixth round pick in this years draft, Ellington was the 187th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft.

Best game- Dallas Cowboys vs. Detroit Lions (Lions beat Cowboys 31-30)
This intense game was close all the way down to the final quarter, then again the final minute. After three quarters the Cowboys led the Lions by a score of 13 to 7. But the fourth quarter knocked new life into both teams. The Lions scored 24 total points in the fourth while the Cowboys failed to preserve their lead and only put up 17 points. But what was the big story on this game? Why was this game just that big? Why was the game so good? With just under a minute left in the game Matthew Stafford and star receiver Calvin Johnson led a game winning drive to beat the Cowboys by just a single point. Stafford sealed the deal with a one-yard run that put the Lions up in the game with just under ten seconds left. If you think intense, down to the final minute games are the best games that the NFL has to offer, well then this was the game for you!

Worst loss- Jets lose to Bengals 49-9
After coming off a huge upset against the New England Patriots in week 7 you would think the Jets had a huge amount of momentum going into this past Sunday's game against the Bengals right? Did you? Did you think it would be another win Jets fans? Well Jets fans, week 7 couldn't have been any more forgettable. Maybe all their showboating and gloating about a game they barely won really backfired on them because they couldn't back up their big mouths (as usual). They were embarrassingly defeated by the Cincinnati Bengals 49-9 and failed to even get a single touchdown on the board.

Rebound team in week 9 - Atlanta Falcons
In all honesty I think the Falcons have been huge underachievers so far this season. Not only does the 2-5 record make them look bad but the huge expectations they were given in the preseason are just not matching up to what we have seen from them so far. Their rushing is worst in the league and both their pass and rush defense are struggling to make an impact. So, why are they my pick for rebound team in week 9? Its simply a claim of getting back on track, and after their upsetting 27-13 loss to the Cardinals in week 8, time is running out for the Falcons to make themselves contenders. A rebound win is needed in week 9 if we still want to look at them as a competitive team this season.

Worst Performance- Ryan Tannehill
 Not many horrible performances in week 8 but one player that was rather upsetting was Dolphins' quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Not the best performance, but not the greatest either. I don't blame the Dolphins second half collapse against the Pats all on Tannehill but a partial amount of the blame has got to go to him. One very costly interception that cost the Dolphins a huge possession and a much less impressive second half than first. He ended the upsetting loss with 192 yards, two touchdowns and two interceptions. Tannehill was too inconsistent as he completed just 22 of 42 passes. Not to mention the Pats couldnt keep him off the ground as he was sacked six times.

Week 8 Scores and Top Performers

Panthers beat Buccaneers 31-13- (Cam Newton- 23-32 passing, 221 yards, 2 TD, 11 carries, 50 rush yards, 1 TD)

Patriots beat Dolphins 27-17- (Aaron Dobson- 4 receptions, 60 yards, 1 TD)

Lions beat Cowboys 31-30- (Calvin Johnson- 14 receptions, 329 yards, 2 TD, second most receiving
yards in a single game in NFL history)

Chiefs beat Browns 23-17- (Josh Gordon- 5 receptions, 132 yards, 1 TD)

Saints beat Bills 37-17- (Drew Brees- 26-34 passing, 332yards, 5 TD)

Giants beat Eagles 15-7- (Josh Brown- 5-5 FG, scored all of Giants points, long was 46 yards)

49ers beat Jaguars 42-10 (game played in London)- (Colin Kaepernick- 10-16 passing, 164 yards, 1 TD)

Bengals beat Jets 49-9- (Andy Dalton- 19/30 on passes, 325 yards, 5 TD)

Raiders beat Steelers- 21-18- (Terrelle Pryor- 10/19 passing, 88 yards, 0 TD, 9 carries, 106 rush yards, 1 TD, 93 yard rush TD was longest run by QB in NFL history)

Broncos beat Redskins 45-21-(Peyton Manning- 30-44 passing, 354 yards, 4 TD)

Cardinals beat Falcons 27-13- (Andre Ellington- 15 carries, 154yards, 1 TD)

Packers beat Vikings 44-31- (Aaron Rodgers- 24-29 passing, 285 yards, 2 TD)

Seahawks beat Rams 14-9- (Golden Tate- 5 receptions, 93 yards, 2 TD)

Week 8 Injury Report

Sebastian Vollmer (Patriots right tackle)- Broke his leg in game vs. Dolphins, out for remainder of season

Brandon Gibson (Dolphins Wide Receiver)- Knee injury vs. Patriots, most likely out for remainder of season

Mike Williams (Buccaneers Wide Receiver)- Torn hamstring, put on IR, out for remainder of season

Michael Vick (Eagles Quarterback)- Left game vs. Giants with hamstring injury (Re-aggravated recent injury, Chip Kelly says he most likely will not play vs. Raiders in week 9)

Robert Griffin III (Redskins Quarterback)- Injured his left knee against the Broncos but will be fine. He still says his knee is "sore" going into week 9 but don't expect him to miss any time on the field.

 Thanks for reading and make sure to check back in on TSS next week for NFL week 9 review!

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