Monday, October 7, 2013

Tony Romo Is Not To Blame For The Dallas Cowboys Loss To The Denver Broncos

I don't think there's anyone in this world more unlucky than Tony Romo. Here he was, having the game of his career, one of the best in NFL history, in fact, but with one errant throw, that was gone in the minds of many. "Analysts" like Bleacher Report's Mike Freeman, and ESPN's Stephen A. Smith were quick to jump on him, calling him a "choker" and saying that he blew the game. In reality (and much like in most cases), they are dead wrong.

When they say things like this, you just have to wonder if they watched the rest of the game at all, or if they're just talking negatively about Romo because he's an easy target. I'm going to assume both, just based on what they both said. If they did watch the game, they would've seen Romo masterfully pick apart the vaunted Denver defense for over 500 yards and 5 touchdowns on his way to lead the Cowboys offense to a staggering 48 points.

Let it be noted that they scored these 48 points with only 43 yards on the ground from DeMarco Murray, so while a lot of the time these big scoring totals can partially be attributed to the run game, the fact is that Romo did this one on his own. He hit Dez Bryant for a couple of big plays, including 2 touchdowns, and also put Jason Witten and Terrance Williams over the 100 yard mark.
The offensive line certainly helped him out at times, as he had an unbelievable amount of time to throw on some drop-backs, but they still allowed him to get sacked 4 times. Again, another instance of Romo making things happen when other players aren't performing how they're supposed to.

Now we get to who is to blame for this loss. Well, did I mention that the Cowboys scored 48 points? In what world does an NFL team not win when they score that many points? Apparently, it's in a world with a Monte Kiffin (2013 version)-lead defense. The blame falls almost squarely on the pitiful effort put forth by this defense.

Yes, I realize that they were going against Peyton Manning, who's just on another planet right now as far as his performance goes, but 51 points is just unacceptable no matter who you're facing. It seemed as if each and every cornerback that the Cowboys had got torched in this game, and they just had no answer to anything Manning & Co. were doing on offense.
It wasn't just Manning that beat them, either, as Knowshon Moreno had a solid day on the ground. He ran for nearly 100 yards on almost 5 yards per carry, and took one into the end zone that tied the game. Of course, this performance was aided by the threat of their passing attack, but it was impressive nonetheless.

I just don't know how anyone in their right mind could put Romo at fault for this one. Yes, he's had his problems in big moments before and he has deserved harsh criticism for those times, but this isn't one of them. Time after time in this game, he bailed out the shortcomings of the defense and run game and actually made a game of it.

It was unfortunate for the Cowboys that Danny Trevathan made an spectacular interception (one that not many NFL linebackers could make), but that does not undo the historical performance put on by Tony Romo. He played an incredible game, and he is not at fault for this Dallas Cowboys loss.

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