Sunday, October 6, 2013

Boone Logan Undergoes Elbow Surgery Heading Into Free Agency

     This past Thursday, 29-year-old left-handed pitcher Boone Logan underwent arthroscopic elbow surgery to remove bone spurs in his throwing arm. The procedure took place in Pensacola, Florida & was performed by Dr. James Andrews, according to Andy McCollough of The Star-Ledger. Logan, who is set to become a free agent this off season, will not pick up a baseball until December - which is when he is expected to resume his throwing program. 

     This past season, while playing for the New York Yankees, Logan posted a 3.23 ERA along with 50 strikeouts & 13 walks in 39 innings (61 games) of work out of the bullpen. Logan complained about arm discomfort throughout the entire 2013 season, dating back to Spring Training. It lowered the amount of sliders he could throw at times, as he would rely more on his fastball to mow down hitters. Logan's injury most likely stems from the number of sliders he has thrown throughout the year. Back in 2012, Logan threw 953 pitches at the big league level, and of those 953 pitches, 51.4% of them were sliders. That was the 7th highest slider rate of any pitcher in the big leagues (min. 30 IP) that year. This past season, Logan had the 16th highest slider rate in all of baseball, as out of the 668 pitches he threw at the big league level, 40.4% of them were sliders. No wonder his arm began falling apart! 

     Logan will be hitting the free agent market after he clears up his health issues, but will still be one of the most sought-after southpaw relievers on the market this winter. It's still unclear if the Yankees will be bringing him back in 2014, but regardless of where he plays, he should be getting a nice multi-year deal in the works this off season. Anywhere from $8 million-$15 million over 2-4 years would suit Logan nicely, although it should be interesting to see how his injury affects his value in the open market this off season.

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