Monday, October 21, 2013

Devin Hester Ties Deon Sanders For 1st All-Time In Return Touchdowns

In Sunday's 45-41 loss to the Washington Redskins Devin Hester tied Deion Sanders record of 19 return touchdowns with his 81 yard punt return touchdown. Sunday not to long after he tied the record “prime time” went on to say “ Devin Hester is the greatest kick returner in the history of the national football league”. Hester received a text from Sanders after the game congratulating him on his accomplishment.

The Former University of Miami football/track star standout has shattered every kick return, punt return, special teams record known to man. He has been good to the point where teams stop kicking to him because he is just that good. He owns nearly every single record in football for returning kicks.

Remember way back in 2008 in Madden 08 when Devin Hester was the first player in Madden history to get a 100 rating in the speed category? Well there was a reason for that and that reason is because he himself can be video game like at times. This couldn't have happened to a better guy and I am happy for him.

Congratulations Devin Hester!

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